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Avoid Cheap Botox

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Some people search through Chicago for cheap Botox to save a couple of bucks per unit of the Botox injection. Botox (the drug injected into your body) is only a small part of the equation. When it comes to any kind of medical procedure, especially facial rejuvenation, there are factors to consider that are far more important than price. The most important factors to consider are the education and experience of the doctor administering the injections.

Cheap Botox or Discount Botox can mean:

  • Botox that was bought from overseas pharmacies.
  • Botox that is excessively diluted.
  • Botox that is not fresh.
  • A person administering Botox that has little or no experience. 

Cheap Botox = Overseas Botox

I receive faxes almost everyday offering grey market Botox from Canada at bargain prices. It is a fact that Cheap Botox is mostly imported from overseas. This Botox is not FDA approved and never passed quality and safety tests. The only legitimate source of Botox is Allergan. There are many incidents of disastrous side effects caused by such medications.

Botox is a very serious neuromodulator drug. An adulterated or counterfeit Botox can cause serious side effects. It can also cost you your life.

It is illegal to import Botox or other drugs. It also illegal for doctors to use such drugs. Those Botox administrators will not tell you the source of the Botox injected in your body. Why is that? No ethical doctor would even think about purchasing Botox from a vendor other than Allergan. A doctor buying such Botox is committing a felony.

Even at a doctor's office, do not hesitate to ask about the source of Botox. So far, only Botox and Dysport have FDA approval for use on humans.

Cheap Botox = Diluted Botox

Botox and other neuromodulator drugs should be prepared following the manufacturer’s instructions (Allergan). Cheap Botox can be produced by over diluting the drug. However, over diluted Botox does have full strength of the substance. To get the results you want for your facial wrinkles, you may need 15 units rather than 10 units and you end up paying the same. In addition, diffusion of the diluted Botox and its safety are not known, increasing the likelihood of side effects. 

Cheap Botox = Not Fresh Botox

Botox vials expire within days of reconstitution. Botox that is not freshly prepared have weak effects. Therefore, if you get good effects with 10 units of fresh Botox, you many need 20 units to get the same results with Botox that is not fresh. In addition, results will wear off sooner.

The Experience of the Doctor

You can get cheap Botox from a Botox administrator with little or no experience. A well-educated doctor knows facial anatomy very well. An experienced doctor knows how to manage patients with different facial structure. Experience also means that the doctor knows how to prevent complications and manage them if they happen.

Dr. Elseweifi received extensive education in Botox injections, dermal filler injections, and other techniques of facial rejuvenation. He is a member of the American Academy of Facial Aesthetics. He has long experience with facial aesthetic treatments. 

Most side effects of Botox injection are temporary. However, it means you will live with bad results that show on your face for the next four to six months. Those side effects include eyebrow ptosis and asymmetric mouth.

cheap botox image

cheap botox image

The next time you see a tempting offer for discount Botox, remember to consider what kind of practitioner would offer such low prices on such an important procedure.  Good aesthetic practitioners will respect themselves and you enough to charge the prices that their services deserve.

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