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Broken Tooth

Almost every day we get a call from a patient who has broken a tooth. At Bucktown Dental Associates we usually see emergency patients within few hours.

What causes teeth to break?

·         Silver amalgam fillings- these fillings have the unique property of enlarging as they age. So, there seems to be some outward pressure on the tooth and if someone bites just the right (or wrong) way, you hear that crack!

·         Bruxism- the habit of grinding or clenching the teeth. Many bruxers break teeth that don't even have fillings in them, but they always have a higher percentage of broken teeth than people who don't brux or clench.

Treatment of broken teeth:

·         To save the tooth, we have to place a crown or permanent restoration over it to keep it from breaking further. Sometimes root canal treatment needs to be done.

·         If a tooth breaks in several planes at once, it may have to be removed. In such case, an implant or bridge needs to be done to replace the missing tooth.

 If you or someone you know broke a tooth, don't hesitate to give us a call and we will be glad to check it out for you! Don't wait until it hurts!

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