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dental health in summarMaintaining good oral health is a year-round pursuit, but with each season comes a new set of precautions. A time for barbecues, visits to the ice cream truckand sugary sodas, the summer season puts people at added risk for cracked teeth and cavities. Therefore, you should take extra care when chewing hard food including popcorn, nuts, ice, meat, and candy. Remember that a cracked tooth may take several hours
or days to show symptoms. In the case of a dental emergency such as hot and cold sensitivity or general tooth pain, patients are advised to contact our office 

Beyond summer foods, you should protect your teeth while swimming, biking, and playing sports. For many team sports, It is good to invest in a mouth guard to protect against injuries; mouth guards come in many different sizes and colors, making
them more appealing to children. In the event of a damaged or broken tooth, rinse
out carefully clean the area around the tooth; then call us right away and apply a cooling compress if needed. 

Swimming, while also placing children and adults at risk for chipped or broken teeth, presents additional challenges. The chlorine and other chemicals common in swimming pools can be harmful to teeth, so it is recommended to have a drink of chlorine-free water or use mouthwash after swimming. 

To further improve dental health, there are certain measures that you should take all year round; daily flossing, brushing twice a day, and using fluoride toothpaste can improve both teeth and gum health. But even with good home hygiene you should not miss your six month professional cleanings and checkups. 

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