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Digital Dentures In Chicago

Digital denturesDigital technology was brought to complete and implant dentures. CAD/CAM is now used to automate the making of removable dentures. The objective of this technology is reduce the number of visits to only two; thus, accelerating the process for the patient and reducing dental office cost.


In a conventional denture procedure, records, such as impressions and bite records are taken over several visits. A trial denture is then used to review fit and esthetics with the patient before the denture is finalized and delivered. In a digital denture procedure, all denture records are captured at the first visit. A computer then creates a virtual denture that is milled into a final denture. The denture is delivered to the patient in the second visit.


Manufacturer of digital dentures claims many advantages for the procedure. First, the CAD/CAM technology creates a precise-fitting denture. Second, a permanent digital records can be kept and used to produce duplicate dentures. Third, a special denture material is used that eliminates bacteria. Digital technology can be used for complete dentures, immediate dentures, and implant overdentures.


Digital dentures are new and have no long-term clinical success. They require training and acceptance by dentists. In addition, esthetic try-ins of digital dentures, even though are possible, are not done routinely with digital dentures. Trying in dentures is important to verify esthetics of teeth, support of lip muscles, and phonetics.


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