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Implant Dentures using Dental Implants

Enjoy Life with Implant Dentures

denture stabilization with dental implantsMaria (not the real patient name) came to Bucktown Dental Associates with several denture problems. She had a loose bottom partial denture and a top full denture that kept falling every time she spoke. She could not enjoy eating or feeling comfortable in social gatherings. Sound familiar? Maria is diabetic and had advanced gum disease associated with the remaining bottom teeth.

Dr. Elseweifi’s plan was to make a removable implant denture for the lower jaw. Denture stabilization in the bottom jaw was to be achieved using mini dental implants. A mini dental implant is a small diameter dental implant with a diameter less than three millimeters (3mm). Dental implants are particularly useful in the lower jaw where less bone is available to retain a removable denture. The patient could not get the top dental implants at the same time. Therefore, an upper full denture was planned.

Denture procedures were started before teeth were extracted. At the time of teeth extraction, four mini dental implants were placed in the lower jaw. Dental implants were placed in the previously healed areas of the lower jaw without any gum incisions. The entire surgical procedure took 40 minutes, including extraction and placement of dental implants. The new lower denture was then modified to hold into the dental implants using a soft reline. This step allowed the dental implants to heal (attach to the bone) without early pressure caused by the denture.  After 4 weeks, attachments were added to the inside of the lower denture to hold into the mini dental implants and securely retain the denture.

Mini dental implants Implant dentures using dental implants

Maria left the office with a secure lower implant denture. Together with a beautiful upper denture she now enjoys food and can chew without pain or discomfort. She plans to have dental implants placed to hold the top denture.  In her last follow up visit, Maria said that she can eat, speak, and smile with confidence. 

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