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Orthodontics Braces Aligners

Orthodontics Can Give You A Beautiful Smile 


Orthodontics and clear braces in Chicago

With modern orthodontics you can have a great smile and straight teeth. Straight teeth make your mouth healthier, improve your appearance, and protect your jaw joints. People can have misaligned teeth (malocclusion) for many reasons. You may have inherited some malocclusion (misaligned teeth) from you family. This can show as discrepancy in jaw or teeth sizes. You may have developed it though gum disease, missing teeth, or faulty restorations.

People may show malocclusion in many different ways. Some people may have overbite, under bite, open bite, cross bite, spacing, or crowding. An overbite shows as excessive overlap or protrusion of the upper teeth. In an under bite or cross bite, the upper teeth will fit inside the lower teeth. An open bite will prevent the upper teeth from meeting the lower teeth when you bite. All these forms of malocclusion make your smile look less than perfect and affect the way your teeth function.

Regardless of the causes of your malocclusions or how your teeth look like, you have options. Orthodontics offer you braces and clear aligners. Clear braces are made of porcelain or plastic material that blend with the color of your teeth. Wires come coated so that they blend with the clear braces and teeth. No wonder these are called invisible braces. The combination of modern braces and Ni Titanium wires move teeth comfortably. Treatment can often be finished in less than six months. At Bucktown Dental, we use Cfast clear braces. 

Clear Correct aligner ChicagoClear aligners are great alternative to braces. Aligners use a series of custom-made clear retainers to move teeth. You get a new set of aligners with every orthodontic visit. There are many brands of aligners. The most famous are Invisalign and Clear Correct. You can remove aligners to eat or for teeth brushing. However, they should stay in your mouth for 22 hours/day.

After braces or aligners, you get orthodontic retainers. Fixed retainers are often bonded to the inside of the lower teeth. A removable retainer is often used for the top teeth. Retainers will maintain the results of orthodontic treatment and keep your smile in shape. 


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