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Say No to Cheap Botox

Avoid cheap BotoxCheap Botox is not a good idea. When you get Botox or dermal filler injections, you are actually paying for two things:

  • The materials (like Botox or dermal filler) and
  • The education and experience of the doctor performing the treatment. Both are very costly. That is why cosmetic treatments cost so much.

One vial of authentic Botox costs my office $550. If you see advertisement for a cheap Botox, that place may be using overseas, over-diluted, or expired Botox solution. Overseas Botox is not FDA approved and never passed safety tests. Its concentration and ingredients are not known. I receive offers for overseas Botox almost every day. Such products are illegal to import and use. They can cause disastrous side effects. Another well-known way to produce cheap Botox is by over-diluting it or using it for several weeks after preparation. Botox should be prepared in a very precious way and should be used within days after preparation. You would need more units of diluted or stored Botox to get the same results achieved by properly prepared Botox. Therefore, next time you see a website or advertisement offering a serious discount on Botox, be assured that the deal is not right.

Botox injections are safe when performed by an experienced doctor. Getting cheap Botox from a place with questionable credentials or one the uses Botox of questionable source can cause serious harm. Botox side effects include eyebrow drooping and smile asymmetry. Those side effects are often temporary. However, you would have to live with the ugly side effects for four-six months until the Botox effects disappear.

You definitely would not consider a discount coupon for a surgical or medical procedure. You should approach Botox injections and other medical procedures for facial rejuvenation with the same attitude. Avoid cheap Botox. Even at a doctor's office, do not hesitate to ask about the source of Botox. 


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