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Big Muscles Bad Teeth | Sports Drinks

Big muscle bad teeth

Do you love playing sports? Do you use sports beverages and gels regularly? Sports drinks and gels can hydrate your body, replenish lost electrolytes, and restore your energy. However, they may have bad effects on your health. The positive effects of sports products are only good if you do prolonged vigorous workouts such as football training during the summer, running for races and cycling races. Sports drinks have no benefits if you are just a casual athlete.

Sports drinks can be bad for your health

Sports drinks has high calorie contents. These contents can lead to weight gain in people who do not do intensive workouts. By drinking three bottles of sports drinks per day on in addition to a normal diet, you add nearly 1 pound per week to your body weight. Sports drinks also have high sodium contents. High sodium intake may cause high blood pressure, which is linked to heart disease and stroke. 

Sports drinks and your teeth

In addition, we have been seeing an increase in cavities among athletes who use sports drinks regularly. Sports energy products contain high amounts of sugars and are usually sticky. Most sports drinks contain citric acid which erodes teeth enamel. In addition, during and after a workout, the body produces less saliva with high ph. This adds to the tooth erosion and increased tooth decay.

Sports drinks and children

The theory is the same for children.  Children who are participate in prolonged vigorous workouts in hot weather can have some sports drinks. Children who participate in casual workouts in normal weather should only use water. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), children and adolescents who do not participate in vigorous workouts do not need sports drinks. They only need plain water and a balanced diet.

You have choices

Do not settle on big muscles and bad teeth. If you are a casual athlete doing only light workout, water would be your best choice. If you need to do a little more, solid foods such as banana or raisins are very effective in providing energy and electrolytes for your workout. And do not forget to keep your periodic dental visits. Preventive dental care can keep your body and smile healthy. 

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