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Cosmetic Braces

Adult orthodontic treatment with clear braces

Are you embarrassed to show your smile? Do you have crowded teeth or gaps between your teeth when you smile? With advanced adult orthodontic treatment using cosmetic braces, we can straighten your crooked front teeth and get rid of any gaps you may have between your teeth. In just around six months, you can get the smile of your dream.

Modern adult orthodontic treatment delivers fast straightening of crocked teeth with less pain and discomfort. Most of the time, you do not have to get teeth extracted to make room for your crooked teeth.

While we can straighten teeth with clear aligners such as Clear Correct, cosmetic braces give more predictable results. In most cases, they work much faster. With cosmetic braces, we have precise control on individual teeth, which is impossible with clear aligners.

Dr. Elseweifi uses state-of-the-art adult orthodontic treatment method that is simple, fast, gentle and minimally invasive.  This technique uses cosmetic braces that efficiently straightens crocked teeth, closed gaps, and can level and round dental arches. The goal of treatment is to align the teeth in your smile area.

You might wonder why this type of cosmetic braces is much faster than traditional braces. First, we use advanced cosmetic braces and modern titanium wires that move the teeth fast. Second, we do not do significant changes to your bite, which makes treatment much faster.

Dr. Elseweifi uses cosmetic braces that are barely noticeable. This includes clear ceramic braces and tooth-colored nickel-titanium wires that disappear on your teeth. No metal braces or unsightly wires. The orthodontic appliance is almost as invisible as clear aligners.

In addition, this adult orthodontic treatment technique is more affordable than clear aligners and traditional braces. It uses shorter treatment times and fewer appointments which significantly reduces the cost of treatment. You can even pay for your treatment in affordable installment payments.

Do not wait, call now for your complimentary orthodontic consultation with Dr. Elseweifi.

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