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Hygiene recare visit dental cleaning

Most people call dental hygiene appointments “dental cleaning appointments.”  A hygiene appointment, also called recare appointment, is more than just teeth cleaning.

Some people ignore or miss hygiene appointments and visit the dentist only when they have dental pain. Your visit to the dentist is not just about treating cavities or managing pain. Besides, when it hurts, you often need costly and aggravating treatment. The key to good oral health is prevention.

Did you know that many cavities and signs of gum disease can only be revealed by x-rays and comprehensive dental examination?

Did you know that bleeding gums can be a key early warning sign for over 20 serious medical disorders, including diabetes, heart disease, lymphomas, and cancers of the colon and other organs?

In fact, there are many reasons why your hygiene visit “is not just teeth cleaning.” During your hygiene recare visit, we do the following for you:

  1. Take x-rays to check for decay on the sides of the teeth and for bone health.
  2. Check your teeth for cavities,
  3. Check your existing restorations for leaks or cracks,
  4. Check you gum around every tooth to exclude gum disease,
  5. Check your teeth for shifting or mobility,
  6. Check your TMJ for any signs of stress or dysfunction,
  7. Do an oral cancer screening for the mouth and surrounding areas,
  8. Check your mouth for any signs of systemic diseases,
  9. Remove plaque, tartar, and stains form your teeth above and under the gum line,
  10. Review your oral hygiene and home care habits.
  11. Check your smile, and the color of your teeth for enamel staining.

During your preventive dental visit, all findings are recorded. We discuss the results of assessments and answer your questions. Every finding recorded can play a role, not only in maintaining good oral health, but can be related to your total health.

Therefore, you do not want to miss your hygiene recare appointments. Schedule your next hygiene appointment before leaving our office. Do not put off your next hygiene appointment. The evaluations and services we do during your hygiene appointment can prevent future serious and more expensive problems.

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