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Denture reline can help you if your denture starts to feel uncomfortable. Denture reline adds a new layer to the inside of the denture to make it fit better and feel more comfortable. A denture becomes loose and unstable because of the continuous resorption of jaw bones. Because of this resorption, the gum tissue under the denture change in shape, become flabby, and starts to cause a well fitted denture to cause pain and soreness as it moves over the gum. Denture reline can be done for both complete and partial dentures.

Denture reline in Chicago

Denture reline can be done at the office, called chairside reline, or at a dental laboratory. Chairside reline is done in one visit. In contrast, a laboratory reline requires two visits as the denture is sent to an outside lab. You would have to be with no denture for some time till the relined is returned form the lab.

Denture reline can be done in soft material, called a soft denture reline, or in a hard material, called a hard denture reline. A soft reline adds a cushioning layer to the inside of the denture. It is more comfortable than a hard reline, but it needs more frequent change as it tends to break down. A hard reline is more permanent. A hard reline changes the inside layer of the denture in the exact way as does a soft reline, but it's done with a hard material like the original denture material. A hard reline can also fix a cracked denture.

If you are a denture wearer, as well as your dentures have started to fit less comfortably than before, you might wish to have them relined. Denture relining is a great way to improve fit of a denture when it begins to give you difficulty. It may also be an inexpensive way to delay the expense of a new denture completely.

For more information about denture reline in Bucktown, Chicago, call our office at 773-276-2757 or click here to make an appointment.

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