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Botox Before and After

Neuromodulators such as BOTOX® and Dysport™ are used for facial rejuvination to smoothen facial wrinkles. Reviewing Botox before and after images will help you learn more about the Botox and Dysport injections and help you make informed decisions. 

Foreheas Wrinkles Botox Before and After

Forehead lines, also called forehead wrinkles and worry lines are horizontal lines tha form in the forehead. They are produced by a muscle called the occipitofrontalis muscle. The main function of this muscle is to elevate the eyebrow. It is the muscle that produces the facial expression of worry. 


Worry lines are treated by injecting a neuromodulator such as Botox into multiple points of the forehead. 


Frown Lines Botox Before and After

Frown lines are produced in the glabellare ares of the face between the eyebrows. They are mainly produced by a pair of muscles called corrugator supercilii and to a lesser extent with a midline muscle called the procerus. 

frown lines

Frown lines are treated by a five point injection of a neuromodulator asuch as Botox. The injections are done in the glabellare area. 

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Bunny Lines Botox Before and After

Bunny lines are horizontal wrinkles that form on the bridge of the nose. They are caused by hyperactivity of the procerus muscle. 

bunny lines

bunny lines

Crow's Feet Botox Before and After

Crow's feet are facial wrinkles that develop on the outer sides of the eyes. They are caused by hyperactivity of the closure muscle of the eyes (Ocularis Oculi).

crow's feet

crow's feet

Crow's feet wrinkles are treated by a neuromodulator injection into the orbicularis oculi muscle at the sides of the eyes. 

Neck Bands Botox Before and After

Neck bands are produced by hyperactivity of the platysma muscle, a thin superficial muscle of the neck. This causes the appearance of neck bands (saggy neck or turkey neck). Injecting neuromodulator such as Botox or Dysport into the thin platysma muscle relaxes the muscle and reduces the appearance of neck bands. This procedure is also called the Nefertiti Lift



Down Turned Mouth Botox Before and After

A down turned mouth is caused by huperactivity of the muscle that lowers the corner of the mouth. This muscle is called the depressore anguli oris. A down turned mouth gives a sad look. This condition is easily corrected by neuromodulator injection into the muscle on both sides. 



Dimpled Chin Botox Before and After

A dimpled chin is caused by hyperactivity of the mentalis chin muscle. '


Make sure to avoid cheap Botox. It is dangerous and may not give the same results

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