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We offer Botox for Men in Chicago

botox for men

With new trends of Botox for men, you can have a more youthful appearance and a lively look. Men can benefit from Botox, dermal fillersdouble chin removaltightening of sagging skin with thread lift, PRP facial rejuvenation and treatment of gummy smile. Check pictures for Botox before & after. At Bucktown Dental, we use either Botox or Xeomin for injections. Avoid cheap Botox as it is not safe.

Successful treatment with Botox for men requires attention to the difference between men and women in anatomy and skin structure. Furthermore, treatment techniques and goals are different.

Anatomical differences between men and women

When doing Botox and dermal fillers for men, certain anatomical differences must be considered.

  •  Men often have a bigger  and wider forehead.
  • The eyebrows are narrow and straight compared to the arching eyebrows in women.
  • The glabella is broad in men.
  • Skeletal muscle mass is bigger in men. The stronger muscles in men cause deeper wrinkles than those in women.
  • Men's facial skin is very vascularized. The increased vascularity makes men more prone to bruising after facial cosmetic procedures.
  • Men have more intense face wrinkles except in the area around the mouth.

Botox for men

botox for men

Botox for men is very popular as it gives good results without any down time. Botox injections takes few minutes but can give you a younger more relaxed look. Treatment with Botox for men is significantly different for that for women for the following reasons:

  • Men have strong muscles and larger surface area in the forehead, requiring more Botox units.
  • The flat eyebrows in men require special injection techniques to avoid creating feminine arched eyebrows.
  • Men usually do not need Botox injections around the mouth.
  • Men with developing baldness or high hair line require special technique of Botox injection of the forehead.
  • Botox treatment for bruxism or masseter muscle hypertrophy in men is done with caution to avoid feminizing the jaw angle. 

Dr. Elseweifi uses Botox and Xeomin to treat face wrinkles in men. 

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