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Cfast Clear Braces

clear braces

Cfast™ is a fast, effective orthodontic treatment that uses Cfast clear braces (Cfast™ braces). It is great when adult patients are seeking to correct their smiles. This short-term orthodontic treatment is available at Bucktown Dental Associates, In Bucktown Chicago. The technique can improve the appearance of upper front teeth or lower front teeth in a very short time – usually about six months. Orthodontic treatment is great for closing gaps between teeth.

Cfast™ Clear Braces Orthodontic Treatment is...

  • Fast –Cfast clear braces take short time, usually about six months.
  • Affordable – Cfast orthodontic treatment is far more affordable than other orthodontic braces techniques.
  • Obscure – Cfast orthodontic treatment uses clear brackets (Cfast™ braces) and tooth-colored wire. 

Treatment with Cfast clear braces is considered as limited orthodontics technique. It only moves the front six to eight teeth. Because the objective is limited the time span to achieve a more esthetic smile is very short.

Cfast orthodontics treatment uses clear braces (Cfast™ braces) and tooth-colored wires. The Cfast™ braces are almost unnoticeable. Cfast orthodontics treatment can be done very quickly, making it more affordable than most other orthodontic options. 

Bucktown Dental Associates makes orthodontics treatment affordable.  We will offer you many payment options to suit your needs. 

How Do Cfast™ Clear Braces Work?

Cfast™ orthodontic treatment uses a tooth-colored NiTi (nickel titanium) wire to straighten your teeth. The wire works with the clear braces (Cfast™ braces) to move the teeth fast. 

How can Cfast™ clear braces be so much faster than traditional braces?

Cfast™ orthodontic treatment treat the six front teeth, so treatment time is less. In contrast, traditional orthodontic braces work on the entire bite. Moving the entire bite can take years of treatment

Do Cfast™ clear braces work for everyone?

Cfast clear braces orthodontic treatment is a cosmetic procedure. It may not be suitable if bite correction is required.

Will the teeth move back after the treatment with Cfast™ clear braces?

After treatment with Cfast™ orthodontic braces, you will need to use a retainer. The retainer keep the teeth straight. The retainer can be removable or bonded. Dr. Elseweifi would discuss different options with you.

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