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Closing Gaps Between Teeth

Do you have gaps in teeth (gaps between teeth)? A gap between the teeth is also called a diastema. It appears most often between the two top front teeth. However, gaps can occur anywhere in the mouth.

Why do I have gaps in teeth?

  1. Gaps in teeth (gaps between teeth) or diastema are usually called by discrepancy between the size of the teeth and the size of the jaw. If the teeth are small, spaces develop between the teeth.
  2. Missing teeth at birth or due to trauma can cause gaps between teeth.
  3. Small teeth. The upper lateral incisors are sometimes small and conical. These are called peg lateral incisor
  4. Advanced gum disease weakening teeth attachment can cause spreading and gaps between teeth.
  5. A large labial frenum or low attachment of the upper lip often cause gaps between the top upper front teeth. This is called midline diastema.
  6. Shrinkage of a gum papilla between two teeth creating a black triangle.

gum disease
Advanced gum disease

missing teeth
Missing teeth

peg lateral incisor
Peg lateral incisor

Treatment for gaps between teeth

Closing gaps in teeth can be done by orthodontic treatment (braces), cosmetic dentistry, or teeth replacement by implants or bridges. Dr. Elseweifi in Chicago will perform a comprehensive examination to determine the exact cause of gaps. Before treatment in done, any gum disease should be controlled. In addition, a large labial frenum needs to be repaired as it may cause spaces to open after treatment.

Orthodontic treatment for closing gaps between teeth

Closing gaps between teeth can be achieved when braces are used to move teeth together. This is particularly important when gaps are generalized. Braces are also used to evenly distribute spaces for a better cosmetic result. Retainers are crucial after closing gaps between teeth with braces. Failure to wear retainers may cause the teeth to move and spaces to reappear. 

orthodontic treatment

orthodontic treatment

Cosmetic dentistry for closing gaps in teeth

Closing gaps in teeth can be done using bonding, crowns, or veneers. Veneers and crowns can restore an undersized tooth such as a peg lateral incisor. Bonding is not indicated for closing large gaps in teeth. When the gaps are large, veneers and crowns are better options. Cosmetic dentistry is great for closing a midline diastema and black triangles between teeth.

gaps between teeth
Gaps between teeth

veneers closing gap
Veneers closing gaps between teeth

Teeth replacement for closing gaps between teeth

Missing teeth need to be replaced for closing gaps between teeth. Teeth replacement can be done by dental implants or bridges

Dermal Fillers for closing gaps between teeth

Dermal fillers can be injected into the gum papillae to make them larger and to close the black triangles between teeth. 

dermal fillers
Black triangle before filler injection

Dermal Fillers
Black triangle after filler injection

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