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Dental Financing in Bucktown & Wicker Park

Get affordable treatment with dental financing & payment plans.

You want the best dental care you can get, of course. Your health is important. But you have a budget, so it needs to be affordable. Can you get quality dental care and still have it be affordable? Here at Bucktown Dental Associates, that is exactly what we try to do. And here is how we do it.

Dental Financing at Bucktown Dental Associates:

If you do not have dental insurance, or if you have a big treatment plan, we will work  hard to keep treatment within your budget through our reasonable fees and by offering you several treatment options or by phasing your treatment.

Affordable Through Reasonable Fees

Here at Bucktown Dental Associates, we keep our fees reasonable without sacrificing treatment quality. We do our best to be reasonable, and keep the care that you need within a reasonable budget.

Affordable Through Treatment Options

Dr. Elseweifi has the experience to offer you more than one treatment option. If you have missing teeth and bridgework is out of your budget, maybe a removable partial denture would work better for you, for a fraction of the cost. Even though a crown would be the ideal treatment, maybe you can get by with a filling. At Bucktown Dental Associates, we will give you options that will help you stay within your budget.

Affordable Through Phased Treatment

After your examination, we will give you the option to break down the treatment plan into phases.. For example, if you need six crowns and the cost is a little much for you, may be we can do two crowns a year. That way you can get the ideal treatment done and still keep the cost reasonable for you. That can also help you maximize your dental insurance benefits. Just share your budget concerns with us and we'll be happy to help you out with these issues.

Dental Discounts

We also have discounts for families, or if you have no dental insurance. Ask us to see if we have a discount that would apply to you.  Read more about the dental discounts we offer.

Affordable Payment Plans

We also can arrange easy, no-interest payment plans through Care Credit. Please ask if you would like more information about these. It only takes about five minutes to get you approved.


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