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Dental Implant Cost

What is a dental implant  cost?

The total dental implant cost varies depending on:

1- the location of missing teeth. Implant cost is usually more for front teeth implants. The front teeth usually require more precise placement and cosmetic correction of the gum tissue. Front teeth also require customized abutments and cosmetic implant crowns.

2- amount of bone loss. 

All-inclusive dental implant cost at Bucktown Dental range between $1980- $2500. 

Usually mini dental implants cost less than conventional implants. 

All-on-4 dental implants normally cost about $20,000 per arch. Many dental practices use a team of dentists to perform dental implants, or you are referred to a team of dentists. When this happens, every member of the “team” must get paid! This results in higher cost of dental implants for the Patient. Chicago implant dentist Dr. Elseweifi expertly performs every aspect of your dental implant treatment, from your initial consultation, to the day you leave with your beautiful new smile. Dr. Elseweifi is highly skilled in surgical placement and restoration of dental implants. In addition, at Bucktown Dental Associates, we pay negotiated fees to implant companies and quality dental laboratories, due to the volume of dental implants we place and restore. All these factors combined significantly reduce the dental implant cost for you. 

Delaying Treatment increase Cost of Dental Implants:

The longer you wait to treat your missing or failing teeth, the worse they become. Bone shrinks and teeth shift with time. And, the more you wait, the more it will potentially increase the cost of dental implants needed to restore your smile and your oral health. Delaying treatment requires bone grafts, sinus lift, or platelet rich fibrin.

Bucktown Dental Associates offers financing options for dental treatment.

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