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Dental Implant Restoration

Enjoy life with dental implant restorations

dental crown

You can enjoy fixed replacement of teeth with dental implant restorations using crowns, bridges or dentures. Dental implant cost varies according to the restoration used

Dental Implant Restorations with Crowns?

A single missing tooth can be replaced by a conventional bridge or a dental implant restorations. For a single missing tooth, Dr. Elseweifi can place a dental implant then places a crown as a dental implant restoration. Dental implant restorations with a crowns look and function like a natural teeth. An implant crown saves adjacent teeth from being cut to support a conventional bridge.

conventional bridge

Dental Implant Restorations with a  Hybrid Bridge  

Dental implant restorations with a hybrid Bridge  use dental implants to support individual all-ceramic crowns. The crowns have pink acrylic processed to a CAD/CAM-milled titanium framework. These dental implant restorations are designed for patients that have moderate to severe bone resorption. A dental implant restoration with fixed hybrid  bridge is far more esthetic than a hybrid denture that uses denture teeth.

Patients with excessive bone loss looking for dental implant restorations require replacement of the pink - gum part. If this is not done, the dental implant restoration would have very long crowns which creates an unnatural smile. In addition, long crowns usually result in failure of dental implants. A hybrid bridge, restores the missing gum tissue and creates a natural smile. 

All on 4 dental implants only use 4 implants to support a full hybrid denture.

implant hybrid

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