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Dental Technology Chicago

Bucktown Dental Associates serves the Wicker Park and Bucktown areas. Dr. Elseweifi uses the latest in dental technology. This includes:

dental technology

Dental Technology - Digital X-ray

  • Time efficiency as images are available in few seconds,
  • Much less radiation is used to produce an image, and
  • Better for the environment as no chemicals are used.

Dental Technology - Panoramic X-ray

The Panoramic X-ray is a great dental technology. It offers a single picture of all your teeth and surrounding bones. The resulting X-ray includes more than just a couple of teeth at a time -- and is an excellent alternative to the tiny pictures your dentist has to piece together to see a complete set of your teeth.

dental technology

The Panoramic X-ray also exposes parts of your jaw that can't be seen with traditional dental X-rays. With a Panoramic, Dr. Elseweifi views:

  • Your entire upper and lower jawbone,
  • Your temporomandibular joints (TMJ), or jaw joints,
  • The nasal sinuses and their surrounding bone, and
  • The mandibular nerve, which provides sensation to the teeth and gums of the lower jaw

Dental Technology - Intra-oral Camera


  • The camera may reveal the early stages of potentially serious problems, 
  • It helps you make an informed decision about your treatment options, and
  • It shows how well you're doing with your regular home hygiene. 

The Wand syringe-free anesthesia

At Bucktown Dental, we use the Wand syringe-free anesthesia. You get dental treatment without numb lip.  It is great for kids and apprehensive patients.

Bucktown Dental Associates Dental Technology Chicago

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