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Early Orthodontic Treatment

Children Braces - Early Orthodontic Treatment

children braces

Dr. Elseweifi offers children Braces, also called Early Orthodontic treatment, or Phase I or interceptive orthodontic treatment. This  treatment is used for Children between 7 and 10 years of age (during the mixed dentition stage). Timely intervention guides growth and development, preventing serious problems later.

The mixed dentition stage is complex. During this stage the child has a mix of baby and permanent teeth. The stage presents a time when the child needs to be regularly evaluated and corrective actions taken to prevent future problems. 

children braces

Mixed Dentition and Children Braces:

children braces

Early orthodontic treatment is indicated during the mixed dentition stage. Mixed dentition starts when the first permanent molar appears in the mouth, usually at five or six years, and lasts until the last primary tooth is lost, usually at ten, eleven, or twelve years. Since there are no premolars in the primary dentition, the primary molars are replaced by permanent premolars. If any primary teeth are lost before permanent teeth are ready to replace them, posterior teeth drift forward and cause space to be lost in the mouth. Therefore, if a child needs extraction of a primary molar, Dr. Elseweifi places a space maintainer at the time of extraction. If drift happens, early orthodontic treatment, also called children braces is needed to correct the problem and prevent further drift.

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that the initial orthodontic evaluation should occur at the first sign of orthodontic problems or no later than age 7. At this early age, orthodontic treatment may not be necessary, but vigilant examination can anticipate the most advantageous time to begin treatment.

Why Orthodontic Exam at Age 7:

By the age of 7, the first adult molars erupt, establishing the back bite. During this time, an orthodontic exam is recommended to evaluate front-to-back and side-to-side tooth relationships. For example, the presence of erupting incisors can indicate possible overbite, open bite, crowding or gummy smiles. Timely screening increases the chances for an incredible smile.

Advantages of Children Braces - Early Orthodontic Treatment?

children braces

Some of the most direct results of interceptive treatment are:

  • Increases aesthetics and self-esteem
  • Creates room for crowded, erupting teeth
  • Creates facial symmetry through influencing jaw growth
  • Reduces the risk of trauma to protruding front teeth
  • Preserves space for unerupted teeth
  • Reduces the need for tooth removal
  • Early orthodontic treatment reduces future treatment time.

Bucktown Dental Associates Children Braces - Early Orthodontic Treatment

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