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Fillers for Men Chicago Bucktown

Fillers for men can smooth face wrinkles.

Fillers for men can be beneficial for those who have trouble with volume loss in the face. Men want to restore and maintain a masculine allure. Therefore, some are reluctant to get dermal fillers for fear of feminization of the face.

When doing fillers for men, we observe the anatomical differences between men and women:

  • Men have prominent supraorbital (brow) ridges. This is called frontal bossing
  • The lower jaw is more prominent in men making the face look square.
  • The lips are thinner in men (especially the upper lip).
  • Men have thicker skin with a thinner subcutaneous fatty layer.
  • Men do not usually have volume loss or wrinkles around the mouth.

Fillers for men

Treatment with fillers for men is different from that for women due to the anatomical differences. Treatment goals in men are also different.  Successful treatment with fillers for men requires a balance between masculinizing and feminizing the face. Proper treatment restores volume loss to emphasize masculine features without softening facial contours.

Areas treated with fillers for men

Common areas of dermal filler for men include the tear tough area below the eye, the nasolabial fold, the forehead prominence by filling bony sulcus over the eyebrows, the lower face to strengthen the jaw line and the chin, he lower lip, depressed scars and deep wrinkle lines.

When doing fillers for men, Dr. Elseweifi always follows this protocol:

  • He injects a small amount of dermal filler and brings the patient for evaluation in two weeks. He injects more dermal filler if needed.
  • He precisely injects the dermal filler to create smooth transition without feminizing the face.
  • When doing lip augmentation for men, he keeps the masculine balance between the upper and lower lips. This is completely different from lip augmentation in women.

He uses a micro cannula for injection of dermal fillers to minimize bruising.

dermal fillers

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