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Masseter Hypertrophy

masseter hypertrophyMasseter hypertorphy can alter the nice feminine look of your face. Dr. Elseweifi offers face slimming for treatment of masseter hypertrophy in Chicago.

Where is the masseter muscle located?

The masseter is a thick strong muscle that is located on the outside of the lower jaw. It is one of the muscles of mastication (chewing). The muscle has its origin at the cheek bone. It then runs downward and backward to attach to the angle of the lower jaw. It forms the bulk of soft tissue in this area.

What is masseter hypertropy?

Enlargement of the masseter muscle is called masseter hypertrophy. Masseter hypertrophy affects facial contours and causes the face to have a square shape.  A square shape due to masseter hypertrophy alters the delicate v-shaped feminine face.

masseter hypertrophy

Causes of masseter hypertrophy:

  • Genetics – Masseter hypertrophy is common in Asians.
  • Excessive teeth clenching – bruxism.
  • Idiopathically masseter hypertrophy
  • Chewing on one side due to dental problems

Why does masseter hypertrophy matter?

1- Face contours:

The ideal female face is v-shapped with smooth outline. Masseter hypertophy creates square-shapped face, which is considered masculine. This is more common in people from south east Asia.

2- Teeth clenching

Masseter hypertrophy can develop by chroning teeth chlenching / Bruxism. An enlarged masseter muscle then increases the force exerted on the teeth, causing more damage.

Treatment of Masseter hypertrophy:

masseter hypertrophy

Surgical treatment of masseter hypertrophy:

Surgery is performed by removing a part of the masseter muscle to reduce its size.  surgical treatment of masseter hypertrophy had many risks such as facial nerve paralysis, and altered jaw functions due to muscle spasm and scarring.

Non-surgical treatment of masseter hypertrophy:

Botox / Xeomin is injected into the enlarged masseter muscle to reduce its size and to achieve face slimming. The Botulinum of Botox / Xeomin causes attrophy of the masseter muscle and reduction of the force of contraction. Muscle contraction and size usually return to normal after 4 months.

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