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Toothache Treatment
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A woman with a painful toothache rubbing her cheek At Bucktown dental associates, we offer same day toothache treatment. Toothache refers to pain in and around a tooth. It is usually caused by a deep cavity or a crack in a tooth, or a dental abscess.

You can experience toothache in several ways:

1.  As a throbbing pain in the tooth that often happens at night.
2.  As a sharp pain in the tooth and adjacent area when you drink hot or cold fluids.
3.  As a sharp pain when you bite on a tooth.
4.  As constant pain in a tooth that is not provoked by anything.

Toothache can be constant or intermittent (it comes and goes).

Toothache is often diffuse. It may be hard to tell whether the pain is coming from a bottom or top tooth.

Toothache can sometimes refer to the ears causing earaches. It can sometime be left in the eyes or sinuses and can sometimes cause headaches.

When to see your dentist for a toothache

Dr. Elseweifi recommends calling immediately If you have toothache. it is important to have a dental examination to locate the source of pain and to start toothache treatment immediately. Toothache is a dental emergency. You have to get it diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. The longer you wait it, the worse it will get.

Toothache treatment depends on the cause of pain. That is why a through exam and proper diagnosis are important.
•  Toothache caused by a deep cavity requires treating the cavity by a filling after the decay is removed.
•  Toothache caused by tooth nerve infection or a dental abscess often require root canal treatment.
•  Toothache caused by a crack in a tooth can be treated by bonding if the crack is on the service. Deep cracks extending deep under the gum may require tooth extraction.
•  Toothache caused by deep gum abscess often require emergency treatment of the abscess, followed by gum treatment.

How to avoid toothache

Preventive dental care is the way to prevent and avoid toothache. Routine dental visits may reveal side cavities that can only be revealed by x-rays. It also detects broken fillings and cracked teeth. Make sure to keep regular dental visits for the entire family every 6 months.

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