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Preventive dentistry at Bucktown & Wicker Park

preventive dentistryPreventive Dentistry is the key to a lifetime of optimal oral health and is our goal for each and every one of our patients.  Preventive dentistry includes  regular professional cleanings, in office exams and x-rays to detect any problems before they get larger, patient and parent education for at-home daily care, nutrition education, decay-preventing sealants applied in our office and custom-fitted mouth guards.  Preventive dentistry may not be where we start with every patient, but it’s where we like to finish. 

Preventive Dentistry Strategies

Preventive oral care strategies for children and adults include a number of in-office and home care activities, including:

Periodic Dental Screenings

Since most dental conditions are painless at first, if you don't come for your regularly visits, you may not be aware of dental problems until they cause significant damage. For best results, schedule regular dental check-ups every six months; more often if you're at higher risk for oral diseases. At initial and periodic dental exams, Dr. Elseweifi examines the teeth and performs a periodontal screening and an oral cancer screening. 

Preventive Dentistry - Dental cleanings

A dental cleaning (prophylaxis) is recommended every six months to remove dental plaque and stains you're unable to remove yourself, as well as to check for signs of tooth decay.

Preventive Dentistry - X-rays

X-rays enable us to look for signs of dental problems that are not visible to the naked eye, such as cavities between teeth and problems below the gum line. 

Preventive Dentistry - Fluoride use

Fluoride strengthens teeth and prevents tooth decay. Fluoride treatments are provided in dental offices as fluoride gels or varnish. Dr. Elseweifi may recommend  a fluoride mouth rinse for home use.

Preventive Dentistry - Sealants

Sealants are specifically recommended for children. They protect newly erupted teeth.

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