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Pulpotomy | Baby Root Canal

Pulpotomy removes the infected nerve tissue from the pulp chamber. It restores the tooth to function. Pulpotomy is also called baby root canal or vital pulpotomy. The infected tissue can cause severe toothache. Pulpotomy keeps the nerve tissue in the roots live.

baby root canal

While it is possible to extract a baby tooth, early extraction causes the following:

1- The child cannot chew with missing or broken teeth.

2- The tooth infection can affect the developing adult tooth.

3- Other baby teeth shift, causing problems to the eruption of adult teeth. 

Is it safe for children to have baby root canal?

Yes. It is safe for children to have baby root canal treatment. The medication used are safe. The treatment helps keep the tissues in the roots vital.

What are the risks of pulpotomy?

  • Vital pulpotomy has a high success rate. However, failures and other problems can occur.
  • Medicines used in vital pulpotomy can irritate lip or cheek tissues . This may cuase temporary burning sensation.
  • Vital pulpotomy is not done if there is infection around or in between the roots. It is not done if the entire nerve of the tooth is dead. 

Pulpotomy steps

1- We numb the tooth with local anesthetic. Some apprehensive children need nitrous oxide or even sedation.

2- We make an opening on the top of the tooth to access the tooth pulp.

3- We remove nerve tissue from the pulp chamber.

4- We place a medicine in the pulp chamber and leave it for few minutes.

5- We seal the pulp chamber to seal it from saliva and germs.

6- We place a stainless steal crown to protect it from breaking.

Dr. Elseweifi received training in children dentistry at the University of Southern Illinois.

Bucktown Dental Associates

Vital Pulpotomy Chicago

baby root canal

Dr. Elseweifi was trained in children dentistry at the University of Southern Illinois.

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