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Single Visit Crowns

Single Visit Crowns in Bucktown

With single visit crowns from CEREC®, you can have a crown in one visit. As the process uses digital images of the teeth, the entire treatment to may be done in less than an hour. Dr. Elseweifi has been practicing the CEREC technology for 12 years. No more impressions taken for the teeth, no more temporary crowns, and no more waiting. He offers single visit crowns and veneers in Bucktown, Wicker Park, Logan square, and Lincoln Park. CEREC® is a great cosmetic dentistry tool. It can make porcelain crowns, fillings, veneers, and zirconia bridges.

Single visit crowns CEREC in Bucktown Chicago

How are single visit crowns made?

Single-visit-crowns with CEREC® are made using CAD/CAM technology. The CAD (computer-assisted design) CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) uses digital images of the teeth. The process is also called one-visit dentistry. It eliminates the need to wait for a dental lab to fabricate a restoration. The crowns are fabricated at the office while you wait in the dental chair. In about an hour, you get a beautiful porcelain crown or veneer.

How will the CEREC® appointment be like?

Getting single visit crowns with CEREC® includes the following steps:

  • Exam
    After exam and x-rays, Dr. Elseweifi would plan the treatment and chose the best restoration design for you. This may be a filling, partial crown, or a full crown.
  • Tooth Preparation
    After administering an anesthetic, the tooth is prepared to remove the decay and design the restoration seat.
  • Digital Impression
    Dr. Elseweifi uses a special camera to take a 3-D image of the tooth, adjacent teeth, and opposing teeth. This step saves you the need to have an impression taken. This is very useful for patients who gag. 
  •  Crown Design
    Dr. Elseweifi uses the CEREC machine to design the crown or veneer. The entire design is done using the digital impression. 
  • Making the crown
    Dr. Elseweifi uses a CEREC milling machine to make the crown. The crown is created in few minutes from a block of porcelain.
  • Placing the Restoration
    After the crown is finished, the doctor tries it on your tooth to check fit and bite. The crown is then bonded into your tooth.

Therefore, no need for a temporary restoration or a second visit. It is truly a single visit crown.  

Benefits to Using CEREC®

  • You get single visit crowns.
  • Since the process is digital, you get a perfectly fitted crown.
  • You don’t need mouth impressions
  • You don’t need temporary crowns that can get lost in between visits.
  • You get beautiful metal-free restorations.  

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