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Treatment of Gum Disease

We offer diagnosis & treatment of gum disease

gum disease

Treatment of gum disease depends on the stage of the disease, clinical findings, how you may have responded to earlier treatments, and your overall health. Treating gum is important for your health. It is usually a part of treatment of bad breath.

Treatment of gum disease ranges from nonsurgical therapies that control bacterial growth to surgery to restore supportive tissues.

Non-Surgical Treatment of Gum Disease

Treatments of gum disease that don't involve surgery include. Dr. Elseweifi always recommend starting with a non-surgical treatment.

  • Professional dental cleaning. During a typical checkup, we will remove the plaque and tartar (hardened plaque) from above and below the gum line of all teeth. If you have some signs of gum disease, We may recommend professional dental cleaning more than twice-a-year.
  • Scaling and root planning. This is a deep-cleaning, nonsurgical procedure, done under a local anesthetic. In deep cleaning  plaque and tartar are removed from above and below the gum line (scaling) and rough spots on the tooth root are made smooth (planning). Smoothing the rough spots removes bacteria and provides a clean surface for the gums to reattach to the teeth.

In some patients, the nonsurgical procedure of scaling and root planning is all that is needed as a treatment of gum disease. Surgery is needed when the tissue around the teeth is unhealthy and cannot be repaired with nonsurgical options.

Periodontal/ Gum Surgery

 treatment of gum disease may require surgery. Some examples are:

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