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Wand Syringe-free Anesthesia

Try the Wand syringe free anesthesia.

wand syringe

Millions of people has strong fear of dental anesthesia. Some are afraid of the pain associated with dental anesthesia injection. Some others are afraid of the numbness produced by dental anesthesia. Fortunately, you have an alternative in Bucktown, Chicago. At Bucktown Dental Associates, we treat many patients with fear of dental anesthesia using dental sedation and  the Wand syringe free anesthesia system

Is painless dental anesthesia possible?  

Yes. The Wand syringe free anesthesia (the Wand dental anesthesia) replaces the traditional dental syringe, which has always been a main source of fear and discomfort to dental patients. The source of discomfort and fear of dental anesthesia isn't the needle. Discomfort is caused by rapid delivery of the dental anesthesia drug into your tissue. The rapid flow creates pressure which cause discomfort.

Is it possible to have dental anesthesia without numbing my lip or tongue?

Yes, it is possible to numb a single tooth to avoid lip or tongue numbness. With traditional dental anesthesia, it is usually not possible to numb a localized area of the mouth. The dental anesthetic medicine usually pools up in your gums, causing numb lips, even after the dental treatment is done.

The Wand dental anesthesia system solves these problems by delivering the right amount in the right place at the optimal rate. The Wand can deliver dental anesthetic to just one tooth. This is called the Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA).

What is the Wand syringe free dental anesthesia?

The Wand ® is a computer-assisted dental anesthesia system. It delivers a computer regulated flow of dental anesthesia drugs. The digital precision of the Wand allows Dr. Elseweifi to work on several teeth in your mouth during one visit without having your entire mouth numb. Which could mean fewer visits back here for you.

wand syringe

How does the Wand syringe free anesthesia work?

  • The Wand uses a small hand piece that looks like a pen.
  • The Wand gives a controlled flow and pressure of the dental anesthetic.
  • The Wand works at a low pressure and a slow rate that gives a comfortable experience.

Advantages of the Wand syringe free anesthesia system

  • The Wand is a syringe free anesthesia system. It looks like a pen, not like a syringe; it is non-threatening for children and anxious patients.
  • Because it controls the flow rate and pressure, it reduces pain and discomfort, a major source of fear of dental anesthesia.
  • Because anesthesia is localized to a single tooth, you can avoid numb cheek, lip or tongue.
  • It automatically aspirates before delivering the anesthetic, reducing the risk of injecting into a blood vessel.

What is Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA)

Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA) is a technique used to numb just the single tooth worked on. The technique uses Wand dental anesthesia system. Therefore, the system is sometimes called the “Single Tooth Anesthesia system” or “STA system”. This technology uses pressure sensors to deliver the dental anesthesia medicine around the tooth.

No more fear of dental anesthesia or fear of going to the dentist. The Wand syringe free anesthesia (the Wand dental anesthesia) can make dental visits easier and more comfortable for you and your family. The Wand is also great for children. And, it is available for you in Bucktown, Chicago. Call Bucktown Dental Associates to get more information. 

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